Welcome to the new website

I’m very excited to launch my new website. It has been a long journey to get here and after a seemingly endless voyage through the perilous terrains of paint, inspiration, hope and even despair, I have finally arrived at this point, a point in which I am happy to share my Art with you all and be able to offer my paintings for sale, direct from my studio.


I have always wanted to sell my work, to be an ‘Artist’ in the sense of it being my occupation. I have worked various jobs over the years to help support my practice but few have given me the same type of freedom that waking up early to paint has. As an artist I never have a day off. Each moment is an opportunity to be an painter, whether it is thinking about it or being in the full flow of painting, each second of this life is a creative blessing.




Working as a teacher I also thought it was important to share some of the things I’ve learnt over the years to help other artists. From colour palettes and mixing to little tips on techniques and mindset, this part of the website will signify my other great passion, the sharing of knowledge and ideas.


Regarding selling my Artwork online


Being able to interact with clients and collectors and sell my work directly from the studio was always my dream. I teach community Art groups and those types of relationships are so important to me. I love to hear about what inspires people, what they see and feel about certain paintings and for me painting is fundamentally a form of communication, knowing that a painting speaks to someone in a particular way, enough so that they would like it in the space in which they live or work, fills me with a great sense of connection.


This website is a project of passion and creativity. Helped and supported at every step by my darling girlfriend, Josie, we both hope that you enjoy the work that is on here. If you’d like to be kept up to date please do subscribe to our emailing list for news and updates and follow us on social media.


Thank you sincerely

Richard & Josie


R.K.Blades Art 2020

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