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by Richard on September 21st

Welcome to the new blog. I will use this blog as a platform to share ideas, tips and techniques. From technical advice, such as colour mixing, using a palette knife and how to create textures, to advice for Artists on how to overcome challenges with their work and embrace their creativity.

Why a Blog?

I work as an Art group facilitator and have met many artists who, like me, are always looking for tips and techniques. Before the Covid-19 crisis and subsequent lockdown, sharing these skills was much easier as all of the groups took place in a studio, however, this all changed when lockdown in the UK made such meetings impossible. We moved our Art groups online onto the Zoom platform and this has continued to be a great success. It soon became apparent though that providing technical support and advice to participants was much harder than in person. This in many ways was a blessing in disguise, as the participants were forced to face many of those challenges themselves. The quality of work and the creative confidence of the Artists has grown exponentially. This adversity has made independent Artists of all of them and each week I am amazed by their growth. Nonetheless, there is still a need for that knowledge that experience brings.

Blog Features 

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How to overcome challenges and other obstacles that we find along the Creative Path. From ‘Creative Block’ to finding a space in your day for Art. Regular releases of confidence building ideas, both practical and psychological.


Technical tips, Art techniques and advice on a variety of aspects of painting. From using and mixing colours to demonstrations on how to use tools such as palette knives.

Information on Art Materials and how to use them


Although I’m knowledgeable about various aspects of Art, especially Landscape Painting and Abstract Painting, colour, paint, techniques and Creative Confidence, there are areas of knowledge that others can explain better.


My eventual aim with this blog is to feature tips from other Artists such as Portrait and Figurative Painters who can help provide knowledge on particular techniques.