Norfolk Coast: Artist’s Statement

The Norfolk Coast is fascinating and mysterious, both bleak and beautiful, subtle yet wild. From the light that changes so quickly over tidal sands, mudflats and salt marshes to the storms that roll in off the North Sea. It can sometimes feel like the edge of the earth here, the end of the line. From gales to tranquillity. One minute the sea is aqua green, next it is pewter grey. And then there are the sunsets, those west-facing East Coast sunsets, orange and purple, pink and yellow. Symphonies of light and textures.

For many years, the Norfolk Coast represented an emotional and aesthetic juxtaposition to my life in London. Having grown up in East Anglia, it always felt like coming home. Visiting family here, I would return to my North London studio with these memories and internal snapshots of the coast, sky and land. The tonic to City Life, vast and open, endless horizons and huge skies. After moving here permanently in July, I feel I've formally begun my creative connection to Norfolk. This collection of works painted en Plein Air and in the studio represents my ongoing relationship with the coast.

Richard K Blades, 2021