Richard was born in 1978 and raised on the border of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. His passion for painting began whilst living in Cornwall in his mid twenties. Having grown up in East Anglia, much of his work is based on and inspired by the skies and landscapes of the area. Along with the landscape, he is also a still life painter, fascinated by the quiet corners of studios and how light falls upon objects and plants.

Richard, who lives and works in North Norfolk, says of his work

“I am primarily an expressive landscape painter working in the English Romantic tradition.

I feel a deep connection to the landscape and the artists who also chose the sky, sea and land as their source of inspiration. Turner, Constable, Seago, Daubigney and Courbet are personal favourites of mine. The gaps of generations and hundreds of years matter little. Regardless of what has changed in this world, the technological advancements and societal shifts, the landscape is always there, as something eternal, the ever-changing muse, always present, yet never the same. ”

Richard’s work is regularly exhibited in Cornwall and London and is held in private collections, both in the UK and abroad.